Babies grow in amniotic fluid for 9 months in their mother’s womb. The baby floats and moves around, carried and softly touched by the watery wrapping of the uterus. Its world is calm and dark, with a little light peaking through now and then. It hears vague, soft sounds; voices from outside along with the constant beating of its mother’s heart and the murmur of breath in and out of her lungs. Baby is safe, secure and protected in a finite environment where he or she simply “exists.” These experiences form deep imprints that leave their traces in the blueprint of our lives and who we are.

With wateryoga, a pregnant woman can share the experience of the baby in her womb, by being carried, massaged, and moved around in warm water by her partner. This experience gives space to deeper intimacy, love, trust and connection. It can also bring memories and feeling to the surface of what we ourselves experienced in the womb, when we were born, and in our earliest days as a newborn. This creates the opportunity to share and heal whatever memories or feelings arise.

Workshop 2 hours; 19.45-21.45. Privat lessons on demand.


Warm water has positive and supportive qualities that we gratefully make use of in wateryoga lessons.

  • Water is warming and relaxing, and can help any stuck energy to release and flow again.
  • By carrying and supporting the body, water enables the expansion of the body’s movement.
  • Water’s resistance and hydrostatic pressure give the surface of the body a complete massage that relaxes and stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Water enhances the sensitivity of the body, so that you can better feel and notice where in your body holds tension or relaxation.
  • When the body is totally immersed in water, all senses are redirected from the outside world toward a focus on the inner world. This focus can bring you to a point of inner peace and silence.
  • The state of inner peace available in water can be liberating and healing, and can, in turn, bring you to deeper levels of connection with yourself and your baby.
  • The upward pressure of water gives more freedom of movement. This relative weightlessness, in combination with soft movement and relaxation, can help to ease pain in the back and throughout the body.

During the wateryoga workshop, you work almost all the time together with your partner. The wateryoga exercises can deepen and intensify your relationship, prepare you both for the arrival of the baby, the expression of the love you share for each other. By reinforcing the trinity of mother, father and baby, it helps to prepare you both for parenthood. Being immersed in water together invites both of you to listen more carefully and feel more intensely what you need from each other. In water, it is easier to receive each other’s rhythm, and to let your two rhythms unite together. The rhythm of the heart, the body’s fluids and the craniosacral system can be clearly noticed in water, and can be balanced with wateryoga.