A childbirth at home and in water requires a good preparation. Finding an obstetrician with experience and affinity with waterbirth and renting or buying a birthing pool are often the first steps. Then it is important to inform you well to an information evening and following a water yoga workshop.

Information evening

The information evenings are held once every 3 months. You can also make an appointment to visit our office to wacht the different baths in Naarden (035-5316733). For more information, can buy the information folder and/or the dvd purchase through our online store. During the information evening on delivery in water includes the following topics:

  • information on the pools, how they look, how do you put them on
  • practical questions about giving birth to and the use of water during pregnancy, lanbour and birth
  • on the basis of a number of cases is a midwife give information about delivery in water
  • gave birth to and the role of the partner
  • the role of the midwife and other birth professionals
  • relaxation exercises, various postures and attitudes, barings visualization tools during the contractions


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