Birth pools

De Oerbron rents and sells its pools throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 1998 the renting of delivery pools is part of our activities. We sell birth pools since 2006 with much involvement and fun. For a list of our recommended pools: table.

The personal approach that we consider as important ensures that we are regarded by our customers and obstetricians. It is important ot us that the service to our (future) customers and midwives, our accessibility, giving thorough and reliable information and the hygiene around a delivery in water. Our phone number is 035-5316733 or else our mail address: Routebeschrijving Oerbron.


Our pools

  • are sturdy, safe and comfortable
  • are big enough to take all positions  
  • except the hexagonal and the inflatable bath, fitted with a heating system
  • have a special hygienic liner for a safe and hygienic useduring the deliry
  • our covers are custom made for each bath. So no fumbling around with flags, etc.
  • have a separate supply and discharge hose that are regularly replaced and cleaned after each use
  • are deep enough to keep the belly under water (without the midwife there disturb)
  • big enough to work with the partner to give birth are easy to disassemble and are easy to transport
  • are cleaned after each use by default, through the use of a good pump to empty quickly
  • have good temperature control by a reliable bath thermometer and/or heating element with thermostat you hire except the inflatable pool
  • you rent a pool  for a period of  5 weeks
  • come with a comprehensive manual
  • to be used by both the manner of satisfaction, her partner as the obstetrician