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About De Oerbron

The Oerbron came about in 2000 from the similarly named Oerbron Foundation. It was an initiative on the part of Erica Muller. After the birth of our second daughter in 1998, she went swimming with a number of woman from her pregnancy yoga class. This was the origin of Babyswimming. More activities were added and we set up a foundation. In 2000 we changed the Oerbron from a foundation to a company with both of us as equal partners. The Babyswimming continues to grow and the name changes to Parent & Toddler Swimming. We start renting Birthing pools. We realised that the development of young children is important but equally so is the whole process around pregnancy and birth. 

The Oerbron developed into an initiator and also the source of information regarding birthing in water. This is mainly spearheaded by Erica. The number of birthing pools we have in stock increases and we also have inflatable birthing pools for sale. We seel under the naem  "Oerbron Essentials" organicon oils (see our webshop) and added as well as Diploma Swimming. We give the diploma swimming lessons from our unique perspective and vision.

Erica and I were always pushing to disseminate our vision and ideas even if they didn't quite fit with the times. It was never our intention to start a business. That happened in a very organic way.


pageborene zwemmen

On the 30th of November 2013, Erica Muller, my wife and mother of 3 daughters passed away. Erica put birthing in water on the map in the Netherlands and also contributed hugely to making women conscious of their own immense power when giving birth in a natural way. On an national and international level, Erica has been of great significance for pregnant women, young mothers, midwifes and doula's. Erica developed the parent & child swimming lessons as they are now given today and together with others, they evolved it into a unique concept in the Netherlands.  The same is true for the Wateryoga and the swimming lesson for newborns.

The Oerbron vof is now simply called the Oerbron. Together with our 3 daughters and the staff, the Oerbron is growing towards a new future in the spirit of Erica Muller.

My Takuye Oyasin (We Are All Related)

Arjan Reints