De Oerbron

Water is the source of De Oerbron, the primal source. Water symbolizes everything that flows: emotions, deep feelings, imagination, communication and intuition.  Water cleanses. The first months of our lives take place in water.  Water is the basis of our company. In different ways we guide people from the special effect of water. Adults and children, we want to make aware on a good way to learn. With love, attention and respect.

De Oerbron

Energiestraat 36 C / 1411 AT / Naarden Routebeschrijving Oerbron.

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Office and showroom

Monday till /Friday  08.00-17.00.

If you want to visit our showroom, pleas make an appointment

Swim classes

Parent and Toddler Swimming

De Oerbron hires warm, small pools with an adjustable bottom for children from 2 months to 5 years. We give lessons 40 weeks per year. You can join our classes any time.

See for rates and schedule the course data. You can register using the registration form.

No waitinglist

The swimming schedule give you information about the parent and toddler swimming. 

Diplomacy Swimming

De Oerbron hires small pools with an adjustable bottom for children from 5 years. We give lessons 40 weeks per year.  For information on prices and schedule: course data. You can register using the registration form at the top of this page.

No waiting list

In the swimming schedule you will find information about the diplomacy swim classes.

Special Classes

For children (with disabilities) we organice private lessons on the Wednesday a afternoon in the pool of the Miranda, Wednesday afternoon in Mercator Plaza and the Friday Eve in Reade. Nowadays also lessons for adults with disabilities. 

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Data swimclasses

Classes Parent and toddler, Diplomacy, Children with disabilities and Private lessons, Adults

Classes 2017

No class

  • 22 to 31 December

Classes 2018

We start again 6 January

No classes

  • 1 to 5 January
  • 28 February, 1 to 4 March
  • 27 April to May 6
  • 21 August to 4 September

We start again 5 September

No classes

  • 24 to 28 October
  • 22 to 31 December

Voor proef- en afzwemmen: Afzwemdata.

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Delivery pools

Birthing pool hire/buy

De Oerbron offers the possibility to rent or buy an inflatable birthing pool. The advantage of buying a birthing pool is that it will be your proporty. So you can use the pool als after the delivery or for a next pregnancy. Different Baths are availble in our showroom.

For the rental pools you have choise of an inflatable, oval polyester, round and hexagonal ordered . More information:

De Oerbron rents and sells since the year 2000 ordered pools to individuals, pregnancy escorts, midwives, birth centers and hospitals.

  • Rental to individuals 11,100
  • Sales to individuels 1,354
  • Sales to professionals 88 baths

Pay attention

Some websites claim that the use of heating elements and cleaning of bath packages would not be hygienic. We rented from the year 2000, and there has never been any problem. Our cleaning and hygiene protocol is now being used by hospitals.

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We organise a workshop once a month for pregnant women and partner in preparation for giving birth in water, on land or in the hospital. We do this in warm, small pools with an adjustable bottom and a temperature of 33 degrees. For more information see our page on water yoga.

Once a month a water yoga workshop of 2 hours in the pool of De Werf (The Yard). Date January 14, March 4 and May 13 in swimming pool De Werf 19.45-21.45. For registration you can use the registration form at the top of this page. € 69.95 per pair. 

Baby Hope

De Oerbron is ca ollection point of stichting Baby Hope. Stichting Baby Hope collects materials forl projects in Africa, India, South America and Eastern Europe. Goal is more hygiene during childbirth, so that more new born babies will survive.


 We regularly provide training and workshops for midwives, doulas, maternity teachers.

-Water yoga Workshop in preparation for giving birth in water. Location yard swimming pool. For more information wateryoga.

-Workshops for babies. For more information Water sessions for newborn babies.

Information evening about give birth in water ??, energy street 36 C.

Cost € 17.50 per couple, 20.00-2,200. Subscribe via registration form. For more information, please also look at "a preparation for a water birth".


No classes

  • 17 juli tot en met 5 september
  • 25 tot en met 29 oktober
  • 22 tot en met 31 december


January 14, March 4, May 13 Wateryoga voor zwangeren en partner, Wateryoga. Sunday in the pool of de Werf, Klinkerweg 79 in Amsterdam